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Monday, September 13, 2010

current events

April 2010

Andie's public lecture on the banded leaf monkey

Andie on Straits Times and Lian He Zao Bao

December 2009

Gwynne on NUS News

October 2009

Gwynne awarded the Fulbright Scholarship

July 2009

Sujatha and Gwynne awarded the Lars Brundin and Don Rosen Award

June 2009

Hennig XXVIII @ Singapore Botanic Gardens, Uniquely Singapore

Mon 22 Jun 2009: 6.30pm – “Darwin, Wallace, and Evolution: Celebrating a major paradigm shift in science”

May 2009

New Diptera Book

April 2009

Rudolf Meier – Annual Teaching Excellence Awards 2007/8

January 2009

 Hennig XXVIII is coming to town

December 2008

 Rudolf Meier now editor of Invertebrate Systematics

November 2008

 Faculty awards!

 Rudolf Meier now Vice President of the Willi Hennig Society

October 2008

 Rudolf Meier on teaching evolution

June 2008

 Nanthinee’s and Gwynne’s research in The Straits Times

 Nalini et al.’s paper featured in Faculty of 1000

May 2008

 Nalini gets paper, NUS graduate scholarship application accepted

April 2008

 Nalini’s videos to be used in UNSW Evolution class

Journal Articles (Last 5 Years)

2009: Tan, D. S. H.*#, Ang, Y.*#, Lim, G. S.*#, Ismail, M. R.*, Meier, R. From ‘cryptic species’ to integrative taxonomy: an iterative process involving DNA sequences, morphology, and behaviour leads to the resurrection of Sepsis pyrrhosoma (Sepsidae: Diptera). Zoologica Scripta, in press.

2009: Puniamoorthy, N.*#, M. R. B. Ismail*, Tan, D. S. H.*#, and R. Meier. From kissing to belly stridulation: comparative analysis reveals surprising diversity, rapid evolution, and much homoplasy in the mating behavior of 27 species of sepsid flies (Diptera: Sepsidae). Journal of Evolutionary Biology, doi:10.1111/j.1420-9101.2009.01826.x. abstract

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2009: Meier R. New to teaching? Don’t be apprehensive; just explain why you like the subject. CDTLink, 13: 13. full text

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